Force applications to open in 32-bit mode

64-bit capable applications normally run in 64-bit mode on Macs with a 64-bit processor, but there may be occasions - if they depend on 32-bit plug-ins or drivers for example - when you may need to open them in 32-bit mode.

Application Wizard lets you easily force 64-bit capable applications to run in 32-bit mode, either always or just once.

To always open an application in 32-bit mode:

  1. Open the Application Wizard pane in System Preferences and click Applications.

  2. Click the Add (+) button at the bottom of the list, browse and select the application, and click Add.

  3. Select the "Open in 32-bit mode" option. When launched from the Open menu the application will always run in 32-bit mode.

To open an application in 32-bit mode just once:

  1. Select the application in the Open menu.

  2. Press the Control key: if the application can open in 32-bit mode, its icon will switch to the 32-bit badge and Application Wizard will open it in 32-bit mode.