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I don't know where to find a new city's daylight-saving time information

To find a city's daylight-saving time information you can use the DST Rules panel or visit the website.

To find a city's daylight-saving time information:

  1. Most countries observing daylight-saving time have a fixed daylight-saving time rule. For example, daylight-saving time in the United States starts at 2:00 AM standard time on the second Sunday in March and ends at 2:00 AM daylight time on the first Sunday in November every year.

    To find out whether a city observes daylight-saving time and has a fixed rule, click the DST Rules button in the bottom-left corner of the Add City or Edit City dialog.

  2. If the country or region (e.g. Central Europe) of the city appears in the DST Rules panel, select it in the list and click the Apply Rule button.

  3. If the country or region of the city doesn't appear in the DST Rules panel, the city may not observe daylight-saving time or may change its daylight-saving time period every year. To find the city's daylight-saving time information, connect to the Internet and choose Help > Look Up UTC Offset & DST. Your browser will take you to the website.

  4. Enter the name of the city in the "World Clock" field and click the magnifying glass button. If multiple matches are found, click your city and display its "Current Local Time" page.

  5. If the city observes daylight-saving time, the page will display start and end date for the current year. If you want to see how daylight-saving time will change during the next years, click the DST Changes tab.