Application Wizard 3.6.4 (released September 2017)

Application Wizard provides fast access to your applications, documents, folders, and disks.

With Application Wizard you can:

 quickly open favorite applications and groups of applications;
 open recent applications, applications in your Applications folder, and System Preferences panes;
 run AppleScripts;
 quit multiple or all applications at the same time;
 quit background processes and the Finder;
 force applications to quit;
 switch between applications;
 bring specific windows to the front when making applications active;
 show and hide groups of applications;
 turn on single application mode;
 disable window restoration for specific applications;
 mark 32-bit applications and applications opened using Rosetta.

In addition to that, Application Wizard lets you:

 eject disks and servers and mount ejected disks;
 browse volumes and favorite folders to quickly open enclosed items;
 easily access recent folders, documents, and servers;
 browse your iPhoto or Aperture library;
 quickly look up your contacts;
 check system memory usage;
 view information about files and open them with specific applications;
 preview images, music, movies, and documents;
 display pictures and PDF files as slideshows;
 easily view the metadata associated with images, songs, movies, and PDF files;
 define keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish frequent tasks.

Application Wizard runs in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian.

System requirements

Application Wizard requires macOS 10.6 or later (including macOS 10.13 High Sierra).


Application Wizard is distributed as shareware. You may freely use it for 15 days to see whether if fits your needs. The trial period expired, if you decide to keep using it, you must register. Registration fees are:

 Single User License: 19 US$
 Family License: 29 US$
 Site License: 240 US$
 World-wide License: 950 US$

Upgrade from version 2.x or 1.x to version 3 is not free. Upgrade fees are:

 Single User License: 7 US$
 Family License: 10 US$
 Site License: 90 US$
 World-wide License: 350 US$

Upgrade from version 3.x.x to version 3.6.4 is free.

A single user license allows you to install and use Application Wizard on a single computer if the computer is used by multiple persons, or on up to three computers, provided you are the only user of all the computers.

A family license allows you to install and use Application Wizard on up to five computers as long as they are located in the same household and used by persons who occupy that household. This license does not extend to business or commercial users.

A site license allows you to install and use Application Wizard on an unlimited number of computers within a single organization and within a 100-mile radius of the organization's site.

A world-wide license allows you to install and use Application Wizard on an unlimited number of computers within a single organization regardless of geographic location.

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Is Application Wizard compatible with Mojave?

Application Wizard 3.6.4 has some minor incompatibilities but runs on macOS 10.14 Mojave. We plan to release a new Application version, which will be fully 64-bit and support Dark Mode, early in 2019.


Always at hand, never in your way

Application Wizard menus can be quickly accessed through a small translucent panel discreetly located along the left, top, right, or bottom screen side, which you can hide and automatically show just when you need it.

Menu panel

Alternatively, menus can be displayed from the menu bar or using customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Status item

Open menu: applications at your fingertips

Application Wizard's Open menu lets you quickly open favorite applications or groups of related applications, recent applications, Dock applications, and applications in your Applications folder.

Open menu

In addition to that, the Open menu allows you to open System Preferences panes, run AppleScripts, open applications without restoring their windows, and open 64-bit capable applications in 32-bit mode.

Opening applications in 32-bit mode

Quit menu: quit with a click

Quitting applications can't be easier: with Application Wizard you can quit any combination of open applications or all running applications with a single click.

Quit menu

The Quit menu lets you also quit automatically terminated applications and background processes, see which applications are 32-bit, and allows you to force applications to quit.

Resume: customize window restoration

If Resume is enabled, when you launch applications, they appear exactly where you left them. All the open windows are restored and come back just as they were. It is a nice feature, but you may not want certain applications to restore their windows.

Customizing Resume

Resume: customize window restoration

Customizing window restoration

The Resume pane of the Application Wizard preferences allows you to easily disable or enable window restoration for specific applications.

With Application Wizard you can easily disable window restoration for specific applications: no need to use Terminal or lock folders, all you have to do is add them to the Resume pane of the Application Wizard preferences.


Switch menu: smooth switching

Application Wizard's Switch menu lets you switch between applications, quickly reopen automatically terminated applications, and show or hide single or groups of applications.

Switch menu

If you regularly work with many open documents, the Switch menu lets you show application windows, so that you can bring specific windows to the front when switching between applications.

Finally, with the Switch menu you can turn on single application mode to reduce screen clutter.

Special menu: fast access to anything on your Mac

Application Wizard's Special menu lets you browse volumes (disks, servers, DVDs, ... ) and frequently used folders to quickly open enclosed items. It lets you preview documents and easily access recent folders and files, package contents, contacts, and your iPhoto or Aperture library.

Special menu

But that's not all. With the Special menu you can also eject and mount disks, monitor system memory usage, quit, launch, or relaunch the Finder, and lock your screen when you are away from your computer.

Previews: an instant look at files

Application Wizard lets you show previews in the Special menu so that you can quickly display information about files and preview images, music, movies, and documents.


Previews: an instant look at files


The Special menu lets you quickly preview images, music, and movies and easily view file properties and the metadata embedded in pictures and songs.

Previews let you also open documents with specific applications, show files in the Finder, and move or copy them to any folder or disk.

Finally, with previews you can add pictures to iPhoto, easily view the metadata embedded in image files, and display pictures and PDF files as slideshows.

Keyboard shortcuts: quickly accomplish frequent tasks

Application Wizard lets you define keyboard shortcuts so that you can quickly accomplish frequent tasks by pressing keys on your keyboard.

You can for instance use keyboard shortcuts to open a group, quit all running applications, switch back to the previous application, or turn single application mode on and off.


We would like to thank:

 Saulo Matute Montessori for his comments and suggestions and for the Spanish localization of Application Wizard;
 Patrick Van der Perre for beta-testing Application Wizard, for his comments and suggestions and for the Dutch localization of Application Wizard.

Reviews and comments

Indispensable. It makes macOS rational, accessible, functional, efficient and effective.

User review from CNET Download

I am lost without Application Wizard.

Ross Peterson

Application Wizard is a beautiful app! 5 minutes of use and I decided to purchase!

Richard Vitale

I cannot believe that it took me so long to find Application Wizard. It is fantastic!

Michael Palmer

Application Wizard! Five minutes and "Where have you been all my life?!?"

K. T. Burns

Absolutely superb as always. Is rock solid on everything from an old speed-bumped G4 to a new Mac Pro, all running 10.4.8 at time of writing. Couldn't live without it now.

Mark Cairns

I recently purchased Application Wizard, which I think is terrific - it's a great help to keep my computer organized and files easily accessible.

Kelly Knuth

Awesome app that definitely deserves its full price, operating a lot faster now. [...] I highly recommend anyone looking for this sort of app to check them all and check this last... I don't think you will be switching back going to another. Definitely worth the try.


User review from MacUpdate

There are so many application switcher and launcher utilities out there, but this is by far the most configurable and feature-rich contextual menu-based one that I've seen.

User review from MacUpdate

Loved the original Quit CSM control strip for OS 9 for many years; this evolution is just on another level. MabaSoft just knows how to write these invaluable little applications and the Quit All command in this one is something I couldn't live without; but then it's bundled with all those other new features from v1.4 onwards; v1.5 adds some more things from the Quit CSM days but it's even better now. Money well spent!


User review from MacUpdate

Excellent piece of software. Excellent support. Excellent company. This is how it should be with all companies.

User review from VersionTracker

Stable, reliable, functional, efficient, effective, powerful. I bought this software shortly after buying my new Mac over a year ago because I needed a faster method to manage macOS. I don't know how anyone can navigate macOS efficiently without Application Wizard.


User review from VersionTracker

This is one of those apps that should be part of the OS. Discrete, unobtrusive, and a time saver.
I like to combine the pop-up menu feature [...] with different groups I create. So for example, I have an "Internet" group and I can launch and/or quit any or all of the applications in the group.
More recently I decided to clean up my login items and created a group for some those items. Now my startup time is faster, and if/when I want those other applications, they're just a shortcut and a click away. In addition, users can customize the behavior of individual applications.
Highly recommended.


User review from VersionTracker

I've been using this product for a long time, and it's been steady as a rock. It has numerous features worth investigating. I particularly like the ability to quit apps via a pop-up menu. I use AW in conjunction with Butler. I set a hotkey for the quit menu, configure the hotkey for my upper left screen corner, and now I can quit any running application at any time without even having to first switch to that application. That's only one of many nice features of this program.


User review from VersionTracker

Fantastic marvelous utility! This is a wonderful one of a kind utility. The two things I like: 1) You can instantly quit all applications at once. 2) With new update, you can hide all apps at once, and yet select to not hide certain apps -- this is brand new feature that the Apple's finder cannot do.
There are many more features, highly recommended.


User review from VersionTracker

Great! The ability to quit background-only applications is a plus. [...] I also like the ability to quit many applications at once, plus the quick access to many items (e.g. applications, system preferences, etc.).
I have been using other programs that have similar functionality, but prefer Application Wizard's unobtrusive nature, and quick rendering of menus/submenus.


User review from VersionTracker

Remarkable app! Since migrating to macOS, I sorely missed Quit CSM and was grateful for the reintroduction of its Quit functionality (with improvements) in Application Wizard.


User review from VersionTracker

The Macworld magazine included Application Wizard in its 56 Must-Have Mac Apps.

Macworld magazine, August 2009

Application Wizard - Spend less time accessing your applications, documents and pictures and more time on the things that matter.

Mit dem Application Wizard 2.0 Programme und Dateien öffnen. Application Wizard will beweisen, daß es komfortablere Möglichkeiten als den Finder und das Dock gibt, um Programme und Dateien zu öffnen.


Application Wizard: un peu de magie dans la gestion de vos applications! Ouvrir, fermer ou quitter une application, passer d'une application à une autre sont des opérations très faciles sous macOS. Vous pouvez vous servir des menus disponibles dans la barre du Finder ou du Dock, ainsi que des menus contextuels. Mais pourquoi ne pas regrouper toutes ces opérations, et bien d'autres encore, en un seul et unique endroit, ce qui peut ainsi nous faciliter la tâche au quotidien?
Et bien ceci est désormais possible grâce à Application Wizard, dont les éditeurs ont su allier esthétisme, discrétion, convivialité, simplicité dans une petite palette munie de quatres boutons acidulés qui vont vous permettre d'un simple clic de souris de multiples opérations.

macOS Facile


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